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The Nashville Art Crawl

Have you guys heard of the Art Crawl? I hadn't until a few months ago! The first Saturday night of each month, downtown Nashville shuts down Arcade Street and hosts several artists in The Arcade. I somehow snagged a spot into this event and have now gone 3 times. Pro status. ;)

While it is exciting to offer what I have created to such a broad range of people, what I look forward to most is the interaction and relationships that I gain each time! It is a BROAD range of different types of people, as well as artists. I love seeing other styles of creative expression from artists, and it creates such a community of support and encouragement!

This most recent time, I showcased my new Nativity Scene Set and my Autumn Collection cards. Each set comes with 4 wooden card holders.

In addition, I sold greeting cards for the first time! I love the variability with them. You can order a single card, or a set of 12! The Ultimate Bird Collection contains 4 messages, with 3 differing birds PER message. Its cute, and makes for an excellent gift.

Ultimate Bird Collection - 12 greeting cards and Kraft envelopes

To top it off, some friends came to support me!

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